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 * [http://millenia.cars.aps.anl.gov/mailman/listinfo/apsxafs Mailing List]
 * [:
XOR Eval:The APS/XOR beamline evaluation]
 * [:
APSXAFS/CatalysisWorkshopReport:Workshop on Catalysis Research at the APS–Report]
 * [:
Experiment/LytleChamber:How to repair a broken mylar window on a Lytle Chamber]
 * [:APSXAFS/APSrenewal:
XAFS and the APS renewal]
 * [[http://millenia.cars.aps.anl.gov/mailman/listinfo/apsxafs|Mailing List]]
 * [[
XOR_Eval|The APS/XOR beamline evaluation]]
 * [[
APSXAFS/CatalysisWorkshopReport|Workshop on Catalysis Research at the APS–Report]]
 * [[
Experiment/LytleChamber|How to repair a broken mylar window on a Lytle Chamber]]
 * [[APSXAFS/APSrenewal|
XAFS and the APS renewal]]

The APS XAFS Scientific Interest Group

The APS XAFS SIG meets approximately once a month, usually on the 4th Tuesday of the month. The goal of the meeting is to eat Thai Food and talk about XAFS and related stuff. We often have a short presentation, but we make sure to leave time for informal conversation.

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